Beauty & Confidence Starts with Shoe Style!

shoe style
Pretty High heel pump

Shoe style can be based on a variety of things depending on the person’s preference in footwear.   Shoe style is a wearable art.  When style is worn for fashion it express a person subject to beauty and confidence.

An exact pair of shoes can have two different shoe style effects.   Let’s take a pair of pretty high heel pumps; one woman will wear them every day as casual footwear.  Another woman wears high heel sparely will wear the same pair of pretty high heel pumps for just a one-time special day or night out.   Both women can feel beautiful and confident wearing the same shoe style.

 Shoe Style from Preference to Passion:

  • There are so many famous Shoe Designer‘s and not so famous who designs beautiful shoe for all occasion.  A person who has a collection of shoes from a famous designer has a connection to high-end shoe fashion.  Here is an example of studded pumps from two designers similar only by shoe category.  Each design has a visual magnitude
manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo






  • A favorite maybe a Shoe Brand depending on footwear needs.  A shoe brand can be reliable to find trendy fashionable shoes or health comfort shoes. Shoe brand makes it easy to find shoes for work or play.
Carlos by Carlos Santana
Dr Scholl's
Dr. Scholl’s







  • Fashion House Brand has a broad line of fashion of clothes, accessories and shoes.  Every coming season the fashionista looks to see what is the upcoming trend.
Click here to Armani shoes
Click here to Versace shoes






  • Multiple styles come in different shoe types a sandals, pumps, boots are just some examples.
    A penny loafer is a type of shoe known for its low heel and comfort, a person may prefer a dressy penny loafer style vs. a casual penny loafer.
causal loafer
Causal loafer
Dressy loafer






  • Heels to toe shoe parts depends on the person wants and needs for a shoe to be complete for comfort and fashion, the search can go from the shape of the toe, heels height, type of heel and etcetera.
Round toe and flat heels
Pointed toe and high heels







  • Shoe color is a statement of what completes a fashionable look whether it is a subtle color for a job interview or a splash of color for a fun event.   Shoe color will express a person comfort zone from the basic black or white to the choice of multiple colors.
Multiple colors
Black, white or maybe both.

Shop Online Tips:

  • Whether style is to look and feel comfortable, be different or always looking trendy, comfort is sometime overlooked when purchasing a pair of shoes.
  • Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your sense of style it just means getting the correct shoe size to enjoy wearing those next pair of shoes purchased online.
  • Make a list of what you like your next pair of shoes to look like from designer or brand, type of shoe, shoe parts and color.
  • Check out Pinterest for more ideas or click here for shopping and HAVE FUN!




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