What Are Bootie Shoes and Ankle Boots?

Bootie shoes are fashionable shoes were the vamp covers the front of the foot reaching around the ankle but not covering the ankle.

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The ankle boot covers the entire foot and the ankle some shoe stores will also call these types of boots bootie shoes.  For cold weather ankle boots for example have at least 5 inches to the heel shaft.

Click to see more!Bootie/ankle boots heel shaft can be as low as three inches to as high as seven-inch.  The bootie shoes heel shaft starts at the shoe sole ending just below the ankle, the ankle boot heel shaft continues to just below the legs calf.

Bootie Shoes:


Revealing the heels and/or the toes with cut out details, approximately ninety percent of the foot is covered.

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Bootie shoes popular with a Zipper either at the back, front or the side of the boot.




Typically lace up is at the front of the shoe.



Ankle Boots:

Ankle boots are also fashionable can also can be used for weather protection keeping feet warm and dry.

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  • ·         Upper vamp varies from leather and fabric.   
  • ·         Inner lining can be of varies fabrics, sheepskin, wool lining and fake fur.
  • ·         Heels are low to high; styles of flat, stilettos and wedges.
  • ·         Some other ankle style shoes:  Cowboy boots, duck shoes, desert boots, ankle/rain garden shoes boots
  • ·         If you’re thinking about a slip on ankle boot it best to try the shoes on at a shoe store to make sure the open is large enough to slip the foot easy into the shoe otherwise it can be a challenge to get into them.

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