What Is The Relationship With Shoes and Morton Neuroma?

morton neuroma
Morton Neuroma

Morton Neuroma is a condition where pain is felt at the bottom of the foot located at the ball of the foot and toe area.  The pain is from the development of a thickening around a nerve between the toes. The common nerve affected is between the third and fourth toes.  The thickening is tissue around the nerve that leads to these toes.

The thicken nerve may or may not develop foot swelling.  Foot swelling is when the foot is larger than its normal size.  The foot pain can be relief by taking off shoes, wearing low heels and/or wearing shoes with a wide toe box.

Possible causes of Morton Neuroma:

  • Long wear of high heels and/or tight shoes causing abnormal toe position.
  • Flat or high foot arches.
  • Have existing bunions or hammertoes injuries.

A person experiencing Morton Neuroma can feel:

  • Burning or a sharp razor like pain at the front of the foot located from the ball of the foot to the toes.
  • The toes have a loss of feeling or sensation of tingling.
  • A sensation of stepping on hard objects in the shoe for example pebbles.

Shoes wear prevention of Morton neuroma:

  • Wear proper size shoes and have plenty of room in the toe box (width) of all shoe styles; pointed, round or square toe.
  • Avoid long wear on high heels.

Shop online tips:

Before purchasing your next pair of shoe get a correct shoe size.
Be kind to your feet; plan day or night heel wear according to event for example:

  • A dinner event where one is sitting most of the time wearing high heel shoes can be suitable for the event.
  • Wearing a medium heel shoes for an activity of dancing and where sitting can be done in between for rest.
  • An active day of walking or long hours standing a low heel can be more comfortable.

The old say “it hurts to be beautiful” should not be taken literal.

Feet care prevention and beautiful shoes can be worn together.”



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