What are Cut Out Wedge Heel Shoes?

cut out wedge heelA Cut out wedge heel is made with natural or man-made material, it has an opening going through the heel. The cut out wedge heel can have one or multiple openings surrounded by a solid frame.

Another type of cut out wedge heel  is totally solid and the heel has no opening. The solid heel is carved into a curve design to the outer part of the heel.

Both types of heels can be design without or with a platform.  Platform along with this type of heel can also have a cut out design.

Some of the many designs of a cut out wedge heel:


Cut out wedge with a block heel and a platform which runs from the front the foot and connects at the heel forming a triangle framed opening.  The platform has a cut out within it.




Two cut outs

Many wedges will have a large cut out where the foot incline at the heel.  Carved area at the back of the shoe heel is also popular cut out.




From the sole the cut out is taken approximately near the middle of the shoe giving the heel a block heel appearance



cut out

Wedge cut out heel without a platform.  The wedge heel instep is filled a small block heel added at the sole completing the cut out heel appearance.


Cut out also on a block heel:

Cut out heel with several opening within a block style heel and  platform.




cut out heel2

This block heel has a sculpted cut out at the back of the heel  it is attached to a thick platform sole.

Cut out wedge and cut out block heels are typically chunky heels.  The platform with this type of heel usually will have a toespring.

Shop online tips:

  • Cut out heel height is popular in a high heel but can be found with a medium heel height.
  • These heels can made for example of wood or plastic material.
  • The cut out heel can be wrapped with material of natural or man-made material.
  • Cut out wedge has many shapes and designs.



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