What are Espadrille Sole Shoes?

espadrille soleEspadrille sole or also known as Spanish soles are flexible and of an organic material.  The organic material is made from natural fiber from the jute plant.  The plants fiber is put through a fiber process either by hand or machinery.  The fiber process strips the plant and forms it into a hair like material, this material is then twisted into twine and then woven into a rope.  The rope is woven flat so it can be spun to form the espadrille sole.

Espadrille sole is known as an Eco-friendliness style shoes.  The typically espadrille shoes are flat.  In some countries this type of shoe is called a sneaker or running shoe.

The roped soles can be of varies colors matching the upper canvas.  The rubber shoe bottoms are partial or fully covered protecting the jute rope sole.




espadrille sole

Espadrille shoes are popular in a slip on, ankle strap and of ankle wrap using natural material which threads through the heels shaft.




 More on Heel Sole:

The espadrille has more than just the traditional flat or wedge heel for example a cut out wedge or stiletto style heel.


Espadrille Style Shoes:

Heels which have a rope braided wrap around it can be on either a wood or foam heel.   The espadrille style shoe can have a leather upper vamp.





A designer style espadrille can vary with shades of rope color and dimension.  The braided wrap covers the entire heel and shaft.

Espadrille sole are light weight but take in account of the type of heel when added to the shoe.



Shoe online tips:


  • These sole/shoes are popular during the spring and summer seasons when the weather is mostly warm and dry. Vacationing in a tropical climate this type of shoes can be stylish comfort footwear to wear for a walking tour.
  • Espadrille upper are normally made of natural material of cotton.
  • Handmade espadrilles soles are typically made with all natural material, but these shoes can also be manufactured with man-made material for example the rope can be of a rubber molded to look like rope.
  • The price range can vary from an inexpensive brand to high-end designer brand.


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