What are Kitten heel Shoes?

The kitten heel height can range from 1 inch (2.54 cm)  to 3 inches (7.62 cm).  The low to high heel height can be designed in different types of heel styles.

kitten heelA classic type of kitten heel is short, narrow and mirrors the popular stiletto heel.  The length of the shoe image on the left is approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm). The diameter of the bottom of the stiletto style heel s approximately 0.4 inch (1cm).

Some variations of kitten heels:

Each of the shoe heel images below are different but are identified as a kitten heel.  The kitten style shoe are commonly without a platform.  As seen in the examples below the heel can be narrow or chunky.  The heel can be of natural or man-made material.  Some heels are wrapped with the same or different material as of the upper shoe.



The comfort of a low wedge heel supports the foot instep to the heel.




block kitten heel
Block heel


A low block heel gives heel stability.




spool heel side view
Spool heel


A low spool heel with an hourglass appearance.




Cone heel


A low triangular cone heel.




Shop online tips:

  • Kitten heels can be found on many types of dress shoes also common with sandals and boots.
  • The kitten stiletto heel style shoe can be used as a stiletto training shoe for first time high heel footwear.
  • When there is a preference to wear feminine high heel shoes but without the ultra high heel height the kitten heel can fulfill a feminine look.
  • Kitten heel shoes used as a second pair of shoes to change into will give the feet a rest on those days when expected to wear dress shoes with a high heels.
  • Alternating the wear of high heels to lower heels will help with the prevention of foot injuries.



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