What are Shoes with a Lucite Heels?

Lucite heels shoes are made of a lightweight shatter-resistant man-made material resembling glass.  Shoes with a Lucite heels are usually of a high heel. The popular Lucite high heel shoes are of no color, a clear transparency heel.  In many fashionable Lucite high heels today the shoe heel has a Variety of solid clear colors.

Other types of Lucite heel shoe can have a Cinderella slipper style with the heel being clear, the upper part of the shoe (vamp) is transparent of no color.  This high heel shoe gives a bare foot appearance showing off the foot and gives length to the leg.

Lucite Heels




The upper part of the shoe can also have a combination of natural material along with clear to color plastic man-made material.

Exotic Lucite Heels: What does it look like?

•   wearing glass slipper Wearing a clear sole shoe gives a person foot the appearance one is walking on their tippy toes.




•    When color plastic is designed on the upper part of the shoe the common shoe part is the ankle strap.





•    The Lucite high heels can have an embellishment of images or accents for example flowers, beads or lights in the platform or heel.




•    A cut out Lucite heel shoe is usually at the thickest part of the shoe; the platform.



•    Designer cut see though wedges can have curves or straight block shape.






•    These acrylic type heels can be design clear but have an iridescent rainbow of multiple colors.




•    Ombre Lucite heels have a spray paint affect either matching the color of the upper part of the shoe or have multiple colors.



Shop Online Tips:

•    This type of shoe is found in many styles from stiletto, wedge and chunky heels.  The heel height is more often in a high heel, periodically a shoe brand may design a shoe with a low heel.
•    The acrylic platform shoe sole are not a flexible.
•    Lucite high heels often found having a platform and are a favorite exotic dancing shoe.
•    The Lucite shoe can be listed as a costume shoe with some shoe brands.


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