What are T Strap Shoes?

T strap shoesT-Strap shoes from the front of the foot can have a thin or thick single strap that runs vertically from the lower or middle portion of the shoe vamp to an ankle strap(s) forming the T shape image.

Here’s some ideas for T strap shoes:

  • A shoe T strap style where it runs up the front of the foot with a single strap from and between the great toe and the second toe to a high or low ankle strap.
  • The front of T strap shoes can be connected to the vamp covering all or part of the lower foot from the toes to the instep.
  • T style shoe can have multiple straps fanning across the lower foot embraced with a strap which is connect from the multiple strap to the front of the ankle strap.
  • Another style where the upper part of the shoe is all in one; vamp, T strap and ankle strap with a zipper at the back of the heel for the foot easy access to put and take off the shoe.


Shop online tips:

Popular shoes in T strap are in sandals, platforms, flat and high heels.  Almond and round toe shaped shoes are also popular and easy to find in this style.

T strap shoes common feature:  T strap is attached to the front lower part of the vamp and the ankle strap is threaded through the T strap.  A buckle is used to fasten the shoe.  Before any shoe purchase know your correct shoe size.



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