What is a Ombre Shoe?

Ombre shoe style typically has a blend of two shades of solid colors which meets together from dark to light. The two blended colors have a spray paint affect stamped design, where the colors meet it reflects a third shade.

ombre shoeSome ombre shoes has a solid one color spray paint affect look.

Ombre shoe effect is either on the upper shoe (vamp) and/or the heel.   The material of the upper part is of natural or man-material.  The ombre heel and/or platform can be a wrapped of the same material as the upper shoe or another style is a transparent man-material heel.

Expressing with an Ombre Shoe Style:

ombre shoe


Ombre shoes can have many patterns.  This pattern has multiple lines alternating from one color to another.  The colors of black and blue adds a touch of gray in between.




Boutique ombre heel
Ombre designer heel

This ombre style designer heel has a glossy look.  The gloss heel resembles a multitude of colors of either a stain or blown glass.






A sprinkle of color at the front of the vamp on a patent and leather high gloss black shoes has an iridescent glass appearance. The second color reflects with the shine of light.



Spray painted affect heel matches the upper shoe.  The spray paint color spilling half way down a clear heel which the heel has a two-tone color.





Rachel Zoe Evelyn ombre
Cork soles

The heel is not completely painted showing off the heel and platform cork material.   The texture of the cork is drawn to the eyes, the platform has a double layer look.






nasy gal
Clear heel

A ombre clear heel with a trio of color separated by clear space.  The color spins from dark to light.





Shop online tips:

  • This style shoe can vary in price depending on the designer or brand.
  • Ombre has many shoe styles from platform, sandals, boots and even sneakers.
  • Correct shoe size and well fitted pointed toe shoes helps prevent foot injuries.
  • Before purchasing any shoes online look for the sizing chart on the stores website to help pick a fitted shoe size.
  • How to maintain the shine of patent and leather see video below.



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