What is an Oxford Cap Toe Style Shoe?

Oxford cap toe shoe is a dressy shoe style.  The typical style of an Oxford cap toe the toe box can either lined with two narrow rows of stitching; have pierce holes along the end of the toe cap stitching or a pattern of a classical wingtip.  A modern style Oxford cap toe shoe may have a metal accent added over the top of the toe box.  Some women Oxford the toe box may not have any stitching on top of the toe cap.

A look of some variation of an Oxford Cap Toe Shoe:

This shoe laced Oxford with a heel has a texture toe cap which matches the block heel and heel cap.  The toe cap has a lined stitching.

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Picture on the right you will see a classic Oxford shoe for women has pierce holes along the end of the toe cap and stitching with a wing tip design. The pierce holes is also trimmed along the vamp, heel cap, top line and going down along side near the shoe laces.


Other Types of Toe Cap Shoes:

A classic school girl Maryjane strap shoe has a suede leather vamp and patent and leather toe cap matching the heel cap and heel.  This shoe outer material has a shiny and matte combination look.




Toe cap on a Ballerina stacked flat heel with three colored leather material from sliver toe cap, matte leather vamp and patent and leather heel.






This slip on shoe has a single stitched toe cap the toe box is square off at the tip.  The vamp and heel cap are blemished with studs.



Shop Online tips:

  • The Oxford toe cap are common in almond and round toe shape shoes.
  • The women Oxford is a stylish and feminine shoe which can be found from varies heel styles of low to high heels and chunky to stiletto style.
  • The popular material of the upper part of the Oxford cap toe shoe is leather, patent leather, suede and canvas.

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